17 August 2008

Quickie sauce for ravioli

Shock horror turned up for the start of my Italian cooking class this week & NO TUTOR - tutor is still AWOL, I hope he hasn't been in an accident. The first night was supposed to be a demo & once you have your mind set on pasta seemed to hard to budge.

This is a quick & easy special sauce with a few deli ingredients.

Chop up some boneless chicken (to about the same size as the ravioli/tortellini). When the water is boiling for the ravioli cook the chicken in a frying pan, when cooked add a few Tbsp of pesto, sliced sundried tomatoes, chopped fresh Italian parsley & a dash of cream. Mix through cooked ravioli. Serve with parmesean.

Well tutor still MIA but a replacement has been found - so ciao for now.

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